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Welcome to Camden and Co, where you’ll find affordable luxury homeware at its finest. Designed and curated by our team of in-house interior designers, our stunning collection is guaranteed to deliver the finest quality at an accessible price. Choose from our best-selling luxury cushions, handpicked and perfectly mixed and matched in pairs, so you can enjoy more for less. Or, discover our range of contemporary home decor pieces, created to be a focal point of any luxurious home.

Our bespoke range of luxury accessories and cushion covers have been specially selected for their sumptuous appeal. With signature cushion cover designs at Camden and Co, we know they will add to the heavenly essence of your home. We have pieces perfect for every corner of the home, from sofa cushion covers to kitchen table vases. Making your house a home has never been easier. 

Give your home a breath of fresh air today with Camden and Co. Give your home a breath of fresh air today with Camden and Co, and shop our New In collection to see our latest stunning pieces.

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Take a look at our blog for home interior inspiration from our experts. If you're unsure how to style any of our products, have a read through our styling guides, suggested product pairings and more. If you have any questions, get in touch!

Great range of products. Arrived promptly and the team were helpful when I contacted.
— Marie L.
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Quick delivery & a beautiful product! Will definitely be buying again.
— Vicky P.

Gift your home the touch of luxury it deserves. As a sanctuary for peace and prosperity, your home needs to balance its soft furnishings with statement ornaments for a complete and stunning interior. Our collections at Camden and Co achieve just this. With a luxury and comforting range of cushion covers that beautifully complement our luxury homeware ornaments, we are certain that a timeless design can be created using our products throughout the entire home.


Here at Camden and Co, we have unlocked the secret to a luxury home aesthetic. While luxury homeware may be associated with a higher price tag for some, we offer a range of contemporary pieces at an affordable price. We believe that the secret to a luxury homeware aesthetic lies in the detail. Whether you are draping your neutral sofa in our textured cushion covers and high-quality throws, or elevating your coffee table with our modern ornaments, a high-end look is easily achievable with Camden and Co.

All of our luxury homeware pieces are crafted with high-quality materials, including striking designs that reflect the top-of-the-line craftsmanship. Our cushion covers are the hallmark of our collections. As one of our best-selling products, our cushion covers are the key to perfecting the soft furnishings in any contemporary home. Our premium homeware is not something to miss out on, so discover our luxury cushion covers and accessories today to make your house an elegant home.

Our cushion cover orders are customisable, so you can benefit from ordering the cushion with or without the insert, whilst also taking advantage of our cushion cover pairs or bundles. Ideal as both bedroom and sofa cushion covers, our cushions can be styled interchangeably throughout your home to transform your soft furnishings. Amongst our cushion cover collection, we have handpicked cushion pairs that have been carefully curated to compliment one another.

All of our cushion covers are made with delicate detailing, so they should be cared for with this in mind. Keeping your cushion covers in the best condition involves keeping them in a dry place that is not exposed to sunlight frequently. If your cushion covers require cleaning, we would recommend first targeting any stains through spot cleaning with a non-invasive solution, and if they need a deeper clean we would always advise hand washing or dry cleaning.

Finding the right sofa cushion covers to complement your living room may seem difficult, but there are some simple rules to follow to unlock its potential: Mix up your patterns - While having the same style of cushions can help to maintain a theme, having a variety of different cushion textures and designs will be much more captivating in your living room. For example, you may wish to keep things minimalist, however, a pop of colour from our gold detailed cushion covers, paired with one of our nude cushion covers, will provide the perfect balance of maximalism and minimalism. Consider your shade of sofa - When dressing a sofa with the right cushion covers, it is important to consider the tone of the sofa. If you are working with a neutral shade of sofa that almost acts as a blank canvas, the world is your oyster. More maximalist sofa cushion sets with bold designs will certainly give it the pick-me-up it needs. Or, if your sofa already has distinctive design features that make it stand out, you should consider more simple and conversative cushion covers that balance the aesthetic.

We offer a 30-day returns policy. Your return is subject to agreement. As long as the product is returned with all the original tags, and packaging, and is in the same condition that it was sent in, you will be eligible for a refund. For example, if we find our sofa cushion covers have been used and damaged, they will no longer be eligible for return. Visit our returns page for more information.

After landing on one of our cushion cover products pages, you will be presented with the option to buy just the cushion cover or to include the additional insert. All of our cushion covers and inserts come in a 45 x 45cm dimension, so you have the opportunity to buy the right-sized insert separately. Our cushion cover inserts are stuffed with duck feathers, however we also offer hypoallergenic cushion inserts available upon request. The cushion will come assembled should you opt for the insert, and you can rest assured that our cushion covers can be easily removed should you wish to clean the cushion cover separately.

With a background in interior design, our in-house team is experienced in selecting the perfect accessories to create beautiful homes. Whether you are struggling for inspiration, or you simply need some tips on styling your Camden and Co products, our dedicated team is here to help. Feel free to check out our Instagram page for tips and inspiration from real-life homes where our products have been styled, or drop us a DM for more information on any of our products. Otherwise, please email us for more information.