The added touch of decorative cushions on your bed might sound simple enough, yet so many people get it wrong. Stacking multiple bold cushions in an attempt to create an aesthetic design presence is not the way to go. With the help of our interior designers expertise, we have grouped the essentials to consider when looking to dress your bed beautifully. Embellishing your bed with cushions will be effortlessly achieved with the following techniques:

Cover the basics 

First things first, you need to cover the basics. This means ensuring that the foundations of your bed are perfect. This would include having a thick duvet covered by gentle linen to act as the base of your exquisite cushion display. Investing in quality linen such as organic Egyptian is not only visibly noticeable, but you will also thank yourself when you are receiving its soft touch as you fall asleep. Ensure that the duvet and pillows are plump, as a deflated appearance can reduce the aesthetically pleasing results, even with the addition of luxury cushion covers.

Experiment with layering

Any experienced interior designer will suggest adding layers throughout the home, and your bed is no exception. Layering is achieved by building on the textures, colours, and patterns to complement each other. Rather than looking busy and cluttered, effective layers will act as one to create a complete visual result. When dressing your bed with pillows, it is important to experiment with various pillows that showcase different colours and textures. You might consider a collection of pillows with abstract designs, or even pair cushion sets that have contrasting textures such as linen and tweed.

Try different shapes

Cushion sets can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and this can be used to your advantage. You might consider pairing square cushions with bolster cushions for a contrasting yet complimentary appearance. Also, beds that feature extra large cushions, followed by smaller rectangular cushions also look exceptional. Experiment with different shapes, but don’t overdo it. Your pillows should next exceed over 50% of the bed. Use different shapes and sizes of pillows, but don’t let them overpower the bed.

Swap luxury cushion covers 

If you are someone who likes to change the design and decor of your home as frequently as the seasons change, you are not the only one. Home interior designers recommended shaving different choices of cushion covers to swap and change as you change your taste and home aesthetic. Having different luxury cushion covers is especially handy if you are looking to save on buying new pillow filling each time you fancy a change. Make sure that your choice of cushion covers match the colour scheme of the room in some way, either pairing the ornaments or possibly with the bed scarf if you choose to have one.
Achieving a beautiful bedroom appearance is easily achieved using luxury cushion covers and other decorative pillows. Make sure that you have the foundations covered with quality linen and duvet, and then begin to build the luxury design presence using cushion sets for decor. Surround with scented candles to add ambiance to the room.