Luxury cushion covers and their adept ability to add comfort to any living space are easily recognised. With this, life often gets in the way, which ultimately leads to spillages and mess that is placed onto our most valuable cushion covers. How to clean cushion covers after such disasters is another question. Whilst many cushion covers will come with their cleaning instructions such as only dry clean or only air dry, some can be less obvious. Whether you are dealing with careless stains or you are looking to freshen them up, there is a right way and a wrong way to clean your cushion covers. In this blog, we will take you through the necessary steps and considerations to take depending on your type of cushions, and the severity of the stains:

Always read the label first 

First things first, you should always read the label and the care instructions of your cushion covers. Whether you have duplicate cushions or cushion sets, each cushion may require a different level of care therefore it is essential to make sure any cleaning you may do will not damage the cushion.
Within the care instructions, you may also find information as to whether the cushions should be dry-cleaned or not. If your cushion covers recommended dry cleaning only, you should listen. It is not worth the risk of damaging the textiles or the design of the cushion for a quick wash, so make sure you are adhering to the manufacturer's recommendations. It may also be worth containing the manufacturer if you are missing information as to how the material can be cleaned if you are hoping to be extra safe.

Hoover before putting them in the wash 

Once you have the all clear that you can wash your cushion covers yourself, you should hoover them. Removing any form of loose debris such as crumbs or hairs will make it much easier when trying to give your cushions a deep clean. Use a handheld hoover, and make sure there are no loose threads that the hoover might pull on. It’s at this point you may wish to remove the cushion covers from the cushion filling in preparation for spot cleaning. This will avoid any damage to the filling when putting the cushion covers through a deep clean. 

Target stains by spot cleaning

Before you consider hauling your cushion covers into the washing machine, spot-clean the hard-to-remove stains. Depending on the severity of the stain and the material of your cushion, your choice of stain remover may differ. You might opt for a simple salt mixture stain remover, mixing 1 quart of water with 4 tablespoons of salt and sponging into the stain until it has been removed, or perhaps using distilled white vinegar as an alternative.  If you require something more potent, using a stain remover specific to the fabric of the cushion will also be effective. Mixing this with water and a mild detergent will prevent the solution from worsening the stains. Gently blotting the stained area instead of scrubbing will do the trick. 

When machine washing 

If you are choosing to machine wash your favoured cushion covers, you must approach this with caution. Ideally, the wash should be done using cold or lukewarm water, and avoid adding hard chemicals such as bleach, washing pods or even potent fabric softeners as they may potentially alter the colour and fabric of the cushion. Ideally, once finished, they should be air-dried unless the care label suggests they should be placed in the tumble dryer. The last thing we want is for the cushion covers to face shrinkage and not fit the original inserts comfortably. Air drying may lead to creases, so secure the cushion covers in place, or if the care label allows them, consider ironing them for a smooth finish. 

When ironing 

If you do consider ironing them, flip them inside out for extra measure to protect them against possible ironing mishaps. Do not take any risks with ironing if you are unsure whether they are safe to do so. It is always advisable to contact the manufacturer for more information about how to care for more luxury cushion covers, as the material can often be more delicate due to its quality.

Gentle Hand-washing 

One of the safest methods for washing cushion covers whilst reducing possible damage is by hand washing them. Simply placing your cushion covers within a lukewarm dish, with a mild fabric cleaning solution, and leaving them to soak before thoroughly rinsing them usually does the job. If you are washing your cushion covers by hand, make sure you are using gentle motions when getting the dirt out. Too much friction can cause irreparable damage to the soft material that often comes with cushion covers.


Cleaning cushion covers not only enhances the overall appearance of your cushions but also helps maintain their hygiene and longevity. Cushion covers, especially when made high-end and delicately, should be well taken care of. Reading the care insurrection before doing any cleaning of your own is essential. Make sure they are not only allowed dry cleaning, and if you are not sure always contact us for more information as to what cleaning is permitted for our luxury cushion covers.
June 22, 2023 — Kelly White