Welcome the newest luxury home decor pieces from Camden & Co. These hand-picked items chosen by our interior designer is just what your home has been calling for. From beautiful, minimalist sculptures to cute photo frames, our new additions offer something different and exciting for each room in your home. With minimalism playing an essential part in interior design trends over the last year, we decided to make these additions to our bespoke collection to combine our signature luxury neutral tones, with a hint of earthy and organic blue tones. 

Combining earthy, neutral, and accent tones for a luxury look

With selected tonal combinations of green/blue, gold and beige, and abstract designs which push boundaries, this collection truly creates a decor tailored to suit any size and scale of home space. Our newest wall art is such a simple way to transform the coldest of rooms and breathe some life into them. Choose from our Astratto Blue and Gold Foil Wall Art for a more dramatic piece that’s perfect for living spaces, or perhaps opt for our Astratto set of Two Art Pieces for a more calming and less dramatic overall look.

Contemporary, statement ornaments 

No living space is complete without a beautiful statement ornament to act as a design focal point of the room. Our newest disc sculpture and knot sculptures are distinctive enough to be noticeable, yet also blend perfectly into the room. Best placed in an area that is clutter free and allows them the attention they deserve, consider positioning them on a mantelpiece, bookshelf, or even on your coffee table for full dramatic effect. They are especially complementary to our best-selling collection of luxury cushion covers, with a multitude of pillow cover tones to choose from.

Aesthetic home essentials 

The newest neutral decor pieces also feature some homeware essentials that aren’t a want, they’re a need, including luxury coasters, idyllic photo frames and also trinket boxes to look after your treasures in style. Beautiful white marble coasters with gold finish detailing can add a touch of luxe and make any coffee table look expensive, especially when complemented by a bouquet of pampas grass. Avoid any cup stains in the chicest way possible using our set of four coasters, keeping your furniture covered. 

Upgrading minimalism 

Replenishing your home with our newest neutral decor additions can be easily done. Whilst minimalism is still a style we adore, making minor adjustments to our featured pieces such as accent gold and earthy touches is what will set your home apart from the rest. Shop the whole collection today, and find the perfect pieces for your living room, kitchen and bedroom.
June 22, 2023 — Kelly White